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These new airfares allow travel in a circular path with some backtracking allowed around the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The programs permit travelers to transverse a many different regions of the world for a reasonable price.

These fares are available to residents of most countries and do not have the regional restrictions of Circle Pacific fares.

Consolidated Circle Region Fares


Consolidators by purchasing a series of discounted one way tickets are the largest dealer of Circle Region fares. Combining one way fares of several airlines these companies are able to offer some of the most complete itineraries to any region of the world.

You will need to contact one of the many companies who offer this fare, some of the better companies advertise in this section. These fares tend to have different price structures from one season to another and each agent seems to offer a different itinerary.

This is a good fare to shop around: consolidators have different agreements with individual airlines and one agency may be able to offer a significantly better price than another.  We have found some of the larger agencies, (maybe because of sheer volume) offer the best prices. For more information about these fares please: use this link.

Star Alliance Circle Asia Fare

Star Alliance Circle Asia Fare: This is a unique circle region fare which allows travel thru Asia and the South Pacific. It is mileage based and has two separate fare levels of 15,000 and 18,000 miles. This fare is mainly utilized by those residing in the South Pacific or Asia.  A wealth of information is available at the above link.

One World Circle Trip

One World Circle Trip: is a very unique program available to residents of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. This program allows travel to all the above mentioned continents but requires at least one stop be in Africa.  The above link details this program in depth bout the major rules are listed below.

Travel must be on the services of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia or Qantas and their affiliates only.

Journey has to include three One World continents, one of which needs to be Africa.

Routing from one continent to another must move forward in a circular direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise). However, there are no backtracking restrictions, so you are free to roam locally at will within a continent, as long as you don't go back to your point of origin5.

A maximum of 20 flight segments are permitted for the entire journey.

Flights and Stopovers
You are allowed to take six stopovers in total. No more than two are permitted in each continent.

Class of travel
You can book a Circle Trip Explorer in first, business or economy class2.

For an extra charge a Circle Trip Explorer fare can be booked in World Traveler Plus, British Airways premium economy cabin.

Your fare is determined by the class you fly in, the number of One World continents on your itinerary, including your continent of origin and any continents you pass through.

Fares apply all year round except some seasonal fares, which are calculated on two seasonal rates: high and low6.

You can stay from a minimum of 10 days and have up to 12 months to complete your trip7.

You can make your reservations anytime prior to departure.

You can leave all your subsequent flights open-dated. You can then schedule your trip at no extra charge as you go along.

All reservations and ticketing can be handled by any One World airline.

Change of plans
You will find that the One World Circle Trip Explorer offers plenty of flexibility, should you unexpectedly need to alter your travel arrangements. A charge may be payable for this service and if your ticket needs to be re-issued this may take up to 24 hours. When making changes to your itinerary, please plan accordingly.

 Additional Tools


Mileage calculator: This is a great link to determine mileages between principal cities

Airline Schedules: For detailed schedule information of the airlines participating in these programs please use the above link.

Airline Route Maps: For detailed route network maps of the primary airlines in this group use this link.



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