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World Traveler


This is a little known Around the World program, recently expanded to include 18 airlines. One caution some of the airlines in this program have recently joined major alliances and how long this fare will exist is a mystery. This group services some unique destinations with four economical mileage based fares.

This program permits travel on the route networks of these primary airlines: Air Calin, Air Pacific, Air Tahiti NuiAlaska, Air Europa, Air Vanuatu, Continental, Copa, Emirates, Horizon , Jet Air, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Malaysia Airlines, Malev Hungarian, Northwest , Polynesian, South African, and Sri Lankan Air.


Fare Information


The fares listed below are in U.S. dollars for departures originating from the United States, and require that the entire itinerary including transit points be completed using less than the miles indicated below.  No itinerary may exceed 40,000 miles. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the itinerary requires a minimum of three stops and a maximum of ten stopovers. You may exceed the maximum stops by paying 100 dollars for each additional stop.  This fare requires a minimum travel time of ten days and an maximum to complete the journey of one year. The fare has some significant restrictions for travel in Europe and they are discussed in the European section.














The prices listed above do not reflect any additional taxes and are subject to change without notice.


Routing Information

Below you will find a review of the various routing options as well as some pros and cons of the program to consider.  We hope this helps in your decision making process.

North  America

Northwest services most major cities throughout the United States; Alaska and Horizon offer an extensive array of destinations to Western States, and Continental Airlines with its multiple North American hubs, services destinations throughout the continent. 

This is the only airline grouping we know of providing direct service between North America and all continents (Antarctica excluded).  South America is accessible via Continental or Copa airlines; Africa via South African Airlines, Europe via KLM, Northwest, and Continental, Asia by Malaysia Airlines, Continental, and Northwest.  The South Pacific can be reached by Continental, Air Tahiti Nui and Air Pacific, it is even possible to access the Middle East directly with Malaysia Airlines and Emirates.


Central and South America

Utilizing the extensive route network of the Panama based Copa Airlines this assembly services the most destinations of any  major group to Central America. When you combine the services offered by Alaska and Horizon Airlines to Mexico with the extensive number of routes Continental offers between North and Central America, very few destinations are inaccessible. 

There is no member of this alliance that is based in South America but a few outstanding itineraries are possible.  Copa offers routes, primarily in northern South America, and Continental is expanding it's service to the region. KLM has limited routings on the continent and provides connections to Europe.  This is the only major alliance that provides direct service between South America and Africa. 

South Africa Airlines has service from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, and Malaysia Airlines has service to Cape Town from Buenos Aires.



Emirates, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Continental, and Northwest all provide service to the region. Although KLM and its partners, have an extensive route network in Europe the number of stops is limited by the Around the World fare structure on this continent.  

In Europe you are limited to visiting only two cites. Amsterdam does not count as a stop so if you wish to include Amsterdam three cities are allowed.  One additional stop may be purchased for a reasonable surcharge.


In Asia you may use Malaysia Airlines as the regional carrier. Malaysia offers a major hub in Kuala Lumpur and services the largest number of destinations of any Asian Airline. Northwest also has a hub in Tokyo and can service many destinations on the continent, including direct service to China from the United States. Sri Lankan Airlines has recently joined this group and its route network is now available.

Jet Airways of India provides service to the vast majority of destinations on the Indian Sub Continent. KLM and Emirates offer service to Asia from Europe and the Middle East. Air Pacific and Air Tahiti offer routings to the South Pacific and South African provides direct service to African destinations.


Using South African Airlines, Kenya, Emirates, Malaysia and KLM, this group is by far the best Around the World fare for extensive travel on the African continent.  With three African based hubs in Nairobi, Cape Town and Johannesburg, along with the  route structures of KLM, and Emirates, this alliance offers connections to more cities on the African Continent than any other group.

Malaysia Airlines provides convenient connections to Asia from Johannesburg and Cape Town. South African Airlines in addition to African destinations, provides direct service to Europe, Australia, South America, North America, and Asia.

South Pacific

Air Pacific with a hub in Fiji offers connections to many locations in the region including Australia and New Zealand. Air Tahiti Nui provides service to several island destinations as well as New Zealand and Australia. Air Calin, Air Vanuatu and Polynesian Airlines offer service to a host of obscure island nations in the South Pacific. Continental has a hub in Guam and provide service to many of the South Pacific Islands, as well as Cairns in Australia, and Bali in Indonesia.  

Malaysia Airlines provides service to a surprising number of cities in Australia and New Zealand from its Kuala Lumpur hub.  Malaysia and Emirates have a few domestic routings in Australia but travel within the Australian continent is limited. South African Airlines provide additional service to Perth and Sydney from South Africa.


Possible Itineraries

Sample 25,000: Detroit -  Amsterdam - Paris - Cairo - Nairobi - Bombay - Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok - Hong Kong - Tokyo - Beijing - Detroit

Sample 30,000: Detroit - Hawaii - Fiji - Melbourne - Sydney - Johannesburg - Victoria Falls - Cape Town - Buenos Aires  - Panama - Costa Rica - Detroit

Sample 35,000:  Detroit - New York - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Bangkok - Perth - Johannesburg - Nairobi - Athens - Amsterdam - Tel Aviv - Detroit

Sample 40,000: Detroit - Cancun - Rio De Janeiro - Sao Paulo - Johannesburg - Nairobi - Amsterdam - London - Paris - Beijing - Kuala Lumpur- Borneo - Singapore - Melbourne - Sydney - Fiji - Hawaii - Detroit    This itinerary has 15 stops and all stops over 10 are assessed a $100 dollar surcharge per stop. This routing would cost $5,499 in coach and $9,389 in Business.

These are just a few of the possible routings, thousands of different routing possibilities can be utilized with theses fares

 Additional Tools


Mileage calculator: This is a great link to determine mileages between principal cities

Airline Schedules: For detailed schedule information of the airlines participating in these programs please use the above link.

Airline Route Maps: For detailed route network maps of the primary airlines in this group use this link



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