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Fares in South America still tend to be very high, however competition is bringing prices down in some markets. This is an area of the world that offers many good  value air passes. As in all other areas of the world, the programs offered are primarily for residents from regions beyond South America.


Warning: The competition is heating up between discount airlines in this region and some incredible fares are being offered from time to time.  Please use the Discount Airline Locator to review offerings before committing to a Airpass program..


Visit South Pacific Air Pass


Visit South Pacific Pass: This is a interesting air-pass that allows travel on nine separate South Pacific airlines to a number of more obscure tropical destinations.  Per segment charges are much less than regular scheduled fares.


Star Alliance South Pacific Air Pass


Star Alliance South Pacific Airpass: Using the route network of Air New Zealand and several other carriers much of the South Pacific is available with this fare.


One World Pacific Air Pass


One World Pacific:  Forty-six destinations in Australia and New Zealand are covered by this pass using the route structure of Qantas Airlines and other one world airlines.


SkyTeam Asia Air Pass


SkyTeam Asia AirPass: (PDF Doc.) Although SkyTeam does not yet offer a airpass for this region the Asian program offers some unique opportunities for extensive travel in the region. To view more rules please use this link.


 Air New Zealand South Pacific Pass


South Pacific Pass: Air New Zealand offers this pass in conjunction with international flights and it allows travel to 36 different locations in the South Pacific.  Some outstanding values are possible.

Aussie Air Pass


Qantas offers this pass including travel from the United States and three stops in Australia with prices starting at a very reasonable $999.

Qantas Air Pass


Qantas offers the Boomerang Pass in Australia.  This air pass allows travel to many locations in the South Pacific. In addition to Qantas vast route network this pass is also valid on Air Pacific Air Vanuatu and Polynesian Airlines.


Tahiti Air Pass


Tahiti Air Pass:  Several passes for extensive travel in the South Pacific are offered by Air Tahiti. They even allow travel to distant island chains like the  Marquises. These passes cost about $75 US per segment but to convert actual costs please use our currency converter. Some outstanding values are offered on many routes.


Fiji Air Pass


FIJI AIR PASS: If you have a spirit of adventure this may be a fare of interest.  For only $270 you will be able to visit some very interesting locations. Some of these islands have recently given up cannibalism, and it is safer than ever. (joke) You have thirty days to complete the journey.


Cook Islands Air Pass


COOK ISLANDS: Air Rarotonga offers this  fare to visit up to five islands in the group. This site offers some great packages that include hotel and airfare.  South Pacific tropical dreams come alive here.


Air Niugini Air Pass


Air Niugini: offers this economical pass for visiting some of the remotest regions of New Guinea.  Cost of coupons are $75 US each minimum of four, maximum of eight.


New Caledonia Air Pass

New Caledonia: A pretty obscure location but if you are going here this pass can save you some money. Use the special fares link.

Visit Micronesia Air Pass


Visit Micronesia: is an expensive program but offers substantial saving over the normal fares in this region.  Allows travel between Guam and Saipan, Palau, Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei.


Oceanie Air Pass


Oceanie Pass is offered by Air Calin and offers some significant savings for travel to many destinations on the Pacific region.


Discount Airlines


Discount Airlines: Airfares in Australia and New Zealand have recently become less regulated and some upstart airlines are now offering very competitive fares in this region. Some of the fares offered are a better value than the Air passes listed above.  To see what airlines are offering specials use discount airline locator at link above.


Circle Pacific Programs


Circle Pacific fares offer outstanding value if you wish to combine the Pacific journey, with a few destinations in Asia as well as North America. We however only know of one program that allows travel to South America.


Around the World Fares

Several Around the World fares offer extensive travel opportunities in this region. These fares are discussed in detail at the above link. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to use the programs.





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