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Fares in South America still tend to be very high, however competition is bringing prices down in some markets. This is an area of the world that offers many good  value air passes. As in all other areas of the world, the programs offered are primarily for residents from regions beyond South America.


Warning: The competition is heating up between discount airlines in this region and some incredible fares are being offered from time to time.  Please use the Discount Airline Locator to review offerings before committing to a Airpass program..


Mercosur South American Air Pass


Mercosur Air Pass: This pass provides for extensive travel on eight different airlines in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, this is an extremely economical way to visit most of South America. The pass must be purchased outside South America, but international ticketing on any airline is permitted.


One World South American Air Pass


One World South America: Utilizing the rather extensive route network of One World Partners primarily Lan Chile, many destinations in South America, are serviced.  This grouping uses a per route charge that is generally less costly than the scheduled service fares.


Star Alliance South American Air Pass


Star Alliance South America Airpass: Using the network of Star Alliance member Varig plus the regional affiliates Rio-Sul and Nordeste some extensive travel alternatives are available for reasonable fees


Star Alliance Brazil Air Pass


Star Alliance Brazil Airpass: Utilizing Varig Airlines plus the regional affiliates Rio-Sul and Nordeste some extensive travel alternatives are available for travel in the very large country of Brazil.

TAM Air Pass


TAM Air Pass: TAM Airlines of Brazil offers an extensive array of destinations with this air pass program.

Varig Air Pass


Varig Air Pass: Several other air pass programs offered by Varig Brazil are listed at this site.


LAB Bolivia South America Pas


South America Pass: Lab Air Bolivia is offering this pass for travel throughout South America. Destinations are limited to route network but include some unique cities. Unlike many air passes this program allows travel on two flights for one coupon to travel between cities. Site in Spanish but can be translated using translation button at top of this page.


Bolivia Air Pass


Bolivia Air Pass: Another Air pass of Lab Bolivia which allows travel to most destinations in Bolivia for a very reasonable fare.


AeroSur Air Pass


AeroSur: Offers a new pass allowing travel to four destinations within Bolivia for a total of $250 US.



Argentina Air Pass


Argentina Air Pass: Although this link no longer discusses the air pass program some valuable information about route networks is available. Call airline for further information.


Discover Columbia Air Pass


Discover Colombia: A very inexpensive alternative which allows travel throughout the country.


Aeropostal Air Pass

Aeropostal, the airline of Venezuela offers the Easy Pass which includes travel to the U.S. city of Miami and many South American destinations as well as Caribbean islands.  This pass must be purchased outside of Venezuela and is not available to residents of the country.

More Air Pass Information


South America Air Passes: This site offers a more detailed analysis of most of the passes listed above.


tstanding values are offered by this pass


Discount Airlines


Discount Airlines: Airfares in South America have recently become less regulated and some upstart airlines are now offering very competitive fares in this region. Some of the fares offered are a better value than the Air passes listed above.  To see what airlines are offering specials use discount airline locator at link above.


Circle Pacific Programs

Circle Pacific fares offer outstanding value if you wish to combine the Pacific journey, with a few destinations in Asia. We however only know of one program that allows travel to South America.

Around the World Fares

Several Around the World fares offer extensive travel opportunities in this region. These fares are discussed in detail at the above link. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to use the programs.



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