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Air passes in this region are now  less expensive than most rail passes and .Europe offers more air pass programs than any other region. Some of the Air passes listed below offer good value and may offer tremendous savings during peak travel times


Warning: The competition is fierce between discount airlines in this region and some incredible fares are being offered.  Please use the Discount Airline Locator to review offerings before committing to a Airpass program..


Europe by Air Pass

EUROPE BY AIR: Sixteen airlines, thirty different countries, and more than one hundred and fifty cities for $99 per coupon.

This pass allows travel thru most of Europe utilizing a combination of lesser know carriers.  You must purchase the coupons outside of Europe, but you are not restricted to arrival on any particular airline, as the international carrier.  Great informative web site!!!  Check out the interactive route map.

One World  AirPass


One World Alliance: This alliance includes several different European carriers and offers mileage based fares. Travel almost anywhere in Europe is possible, and shorter hops tend to be a bargain.


Star Alliance Asia Air Pass

Star Alliance Airpass:  This group of airlines offers some very interesting routings.  Like the One World  Pass, listed above. different fares are available to different destinations based on actual distance traveled. The  web link is to Lufthansa but this fare is available from all star alliance partners.

SkyTeam Air Pass


Skyteam Alliance Pass:  The Skyteam alliance is serviced by four of the largest European Airlines, Air France, Alitalia, Aeroflot, and KLM. The combination of these three airlines makes no destination in Europe beyond reach when using this alliance. More information available in PDF format at this link.

All Europe Air Pass


All Europe Airpass: This site has started a unique air pass for travel in Europe based on a point system for distance traveled.  This program only available to non residents of Europe.


Turkish Pass


Turkish Airpass: Offers great fares to European cities and is the best pass  for visiting extensive array of destinations in Turkey. Several different passes are offered. One pass even allows travel to destinations in the Middle East and northern Africa.


Visit Italy Air Pass


Visit Italy: Air One a Lufthansa partner is offering this pass in conjunction with Star Alliance International tickets.  Prices start at $35 per segment for travel within Italy.


Discover Ukraine Air Pass


Discover Ukraine Pass: Special fares available for travel in the Ukraine. This fare only available to departures originating in U.S


Aegean Air Pass


Aegean Airpass: This airline is offering a fare for extensive travel in Greece including the outlying islands. Prices seem rather reasonable for many destinations..


Span Air Pass


SPAN AIR PASS: This is a very economical Pass that allows travel on the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.  This is a link to the SpanAir web site for more information..


Scotish Air Pass


Scotish AIR PASS: This is a pass that allows travel in Scotland and Northern Ireland for very reasonable fares.


SN Brussels Air Pass

SN Brussels offers two air passes unique to the industry, one for youth under the age of 26, another for seniors over the age of 60 which offer great values. For frequent travelers another pass know as the Freedom Pass is available to any age passengers.

Discover Europe Air Pass

Discover Europe Airpass: British Midland offers this pass to limited destinations in Europe for a very reasonable price.

SAS Air Pass


SAS AIR: This airline offers three different airpasses with some unique destinations and budget fares.  The web site is very thorough and is worth a look. 


Iceland Air Pass

Iceland Air Pass:  Icelandair offers a pass that includes the Faroe Island for $130 per coupon minimum two coupons.  Fare is not discussed at web site, you must contact airline directly.

Emirates Arabian Pass


Emirates Arabian Pass:  Not exactly Europe but for those continuing to the Middle East some outstanding values are offered by this pass


Discount Airlines


Discount AirlinesThis is not an air pass, but may very well offer the lowest fare destinations in Europe. Many low cost no frills Airlines have recently started service in Europe and are offering some outstanding values. Fares of $50 US round trip from London to Athens and $20 US round trip from London to Venice have recently been recorded.

Use above link to see a list  most low cost no frills airlines presently operating on the continent  Most of the airlines will issue E-tickets anywhere in the world, so reservations can be made from your computer.

Around the World Fares

Several Around the World fares offer extensive travel opportunities in this region. These fares are discussed in detail at the above link. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to use the programs.



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