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Regional airfares in the Caribbean and Central American are very expensive and the passes listed below offer some good value.  This is not a region where the discount airlines have made many inroads and many routes are still serviced by just one airline. Many of the Air Pass programs listed below do not provide information about them on the website and you must call them directly to verify they are still active.


Island Hopper Pass


Island Hopper from Air Jamaica is the newest pass in the region and is a great bargain for extensive travel in this very expensive region. Air Jamaica services many islands in the exotic Caribbean.


Sansa Costa Rica Pass

Sansa the regional airline of Costa Rica offers an airpass which allows unlimited travel for a period of either one or two weeks for very inexpensive rates.

Aero Postal Easy Pass


Easy Pass  allows travel the Miami, Lima, Bogota, several islands in the Caribbean, and Venezuela. Very reasonably priced program and offers a good value in the region.


LIAT Air Pass


LIAT an airline with an extensive array of destinations in the South Pacific offers several outstanding programs including some which offer unlimited travel for up to one month. More Info.


BWIA Air Pass


BWIA INTERNATIONAL: This airline with an extensive route network in the Caribbean offers a truly incredible deal.  For up to 30 days you may travel to an extensive list of island destinations throughout the Caribbean for an all-inclusive price of $399.  You may travel to each island only once and travel in one direction; so careful planning is required.

Special Note: This pass is periodically withdrawn but worth a call to the airline to determine present status. Just because the airpass is no longer listed on web site does not mean it no longer exists.


All American Air Pass


All America Airpass: This site has started a unique air pass for travel primarily in South and Central America but some North American destinations are included. Based on a point system for distance traveled some destinations are bargains.  This program only available to residents of Europe, Australia, New Zealand South Africa, and Asia.


Discount Airlines


Discount Airlines: This is not a region with many discount airlines and air pass programs usually to these fares but who knows when a fare sale will erupt and it may be worth a peak to check the offerings of these airlines.


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