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Asia may very well offer some of the best air pass values of any region.  Two of the best programs we have seen are the offerings of Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines which include travel from North America and almost limitless travel in Asia.  Other options listed below offer a substantial savings when compared to conventional airfares.


Warning: The competition is fierce between discount airlines in this region and some incredible fares are being offered.  Please use the Discount Airline Locator to review offerings before committing to a Airpass program..


Cathay Pacific All Asia Pass

Cathay Pacific All Asia Air Pass: is one of the best bargains in the Airline Industry.  Fares starting at $1,099 travel to  different twenty-four destinations in Asia and this pass includes a round trip ticket from either New York or Los Angeles to Hong Kong.  The journey must be completed within 21 days but extensions up to 90 days are available for additional fees.

Basic fare allows only a visit to two destinations but additional stops can be added for nominal fees.

Denpasar (Bali)
Ho Chi Minh City
Hong Kong
Kota Kinabalu*
Kuala Lumpur
Phnom Penh*

If these are not enough, you may visit even more cities for additional fees including utilizing the route network of partner Dragon Air.  Additional cities include:


There are many restrictions involved with this fare however, and you should review the above link to make yourself aware.  Cathay Pacific is one of the best regarded airlines in the world.

Malaysian Airways  Air Pass


Discover Malaysia Air Pass: This is a good alternative for those who do not begin journey in North America. Malaysia airlines offers a pass that allows five flights anywhere in Malaysia including the provinces, on the Island of Borneo for U.S. $199.  Malaysia Airlines also offers a $99 US pass for five flights in any one province.  You must utilize Malaysia Airlines on the international flight segment, to qualify for these fares..

Asean Air Pass


Asean Air Pass: This pass allows for travel to six Southeast Asian countries on six different airlines, for a very reasonable $130 per flight segment. Link from Thai air but you may travel internationally with any of the participating Airlines.


Asean Hip Hop Pass


Asean Hip-Hop Pass:  This pass allows for extensive travel at a very reasonable price to some of the most popular destinations within Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia. Passengers who wish to travel the airlines of the ASEAN federation  (Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Thai Airways, Philippine Airlines, Garuda Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Myanmar Airways and Vietnam Airlines) this is a great program.  Must purchase a minimum of 3 and maximum of six segments.  International ticket must be with one of the ASEAN carriers. Special note this pass has recently been expanded to include Cambodia, and Laos so now Angkor Watt can be visited also.


Discovery Airpass



Discovery Air Pass:  This air pass allows travel on three different Asian Airlines: Bangkok Airways, Siem Reap Airways and Lao Airlines. This group offers a very reasonable fare for destinations throughout Asia including the countries of Cambodia, China, Japan, Laos, Myanmar,  and Singapore. Domestic segments cost $60 US per coupon and most international segments are available for only $100 US. Some routes for more distant travel are $160. 


One World Asia AirPass


One World Asia Airpass:  allows travel to some interesting destinations including India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.  Different price levels for per flight segment depending on location traveled and number of miles to get there


SkyTeam Asia Air Pass


SkyTeam Asia AirPass: With the addition of several new Asian airlines this pass is one of the most comprehensive in the region.


Star Alliance Asia Air Pass


Star Alliance Asia Airpass: The Star alliance offers a number of different programs in Asia including a very unique Circle Asia fare.  They offer air pass programs for the continent as well as several individual countries.


Star Alliance Thai Air Pass


Star Alliance Thai Airpass: The Star alliance offers this pass with an initial cost of $149 for the first three coupons and $45 more for each additional coupon after the first three.


Thai Airlines Air Pass


Thai Airlines Air Pass: Offers an "Amazing Thailand" fare that allows travel on domestic segments to destinations throughout Thailand. You must purchase a minimum of 3 coupons for $169 US.  Up to five additional coupons are available for fifty-nine dollars US each. You do not have to travel internationally on Thai airlines to purchase this pass.  You must however purchase this pass outside of Thailand.


Lao Air Pass

Lao Airlines: offers a pass to destinations in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Thailand.  Three segment minimum offering significant savings over scheduled fares.


One World Japan Pass

One World Japan Air Pass This alliance is offering a Japan air pass which can save a great deal of money over normal fares. International flight on one world carrier is required to purchase this fare..

Star Alliance Japan Air Pass


Star Alliance Japan Airpass: The Star alliance offers this pass which allows travel to an extensive array of destinations throughout Japan.


Air China Air Pass


Air China: Offers a pass in conjunction with international flights that allows for a discount of 50% on domestic flights within China.  Airpass is not mentioned at website and you will have to speak with Air China directly. See phone listing.


Vietnam Airways Air Pass


Vietnam Air: Offers a pass in conjunction with international flights that allows for a discount of 50% on domestic flights to fifteen different destinations.  Airpass is not mentioned at website and you will have to speak with Vietnam Air for more information.


Indian Airlines AirPass

Indian Airlines: Offers a very unique program that allows unlimited travel within India for a period of 15 to 21 days. This pass must be purchased outside of India, but can be utilized in conjunction with any international ticket's.


Jet Airways India AirPass

Jet Airways: This is a pass, very similar to the one from Indian Airlines listed above, it offers a little more flexibility and a seven day pass is also available. Jet airways does not service as many cities as Indian Airlines but Jet does have a good safety record.

Air Sahara Sixer Fare


Air Sahara Airways: Offers Six coupons for travel for six hundred dollars. You have ninety days to use the coupons so no hurry is needed.  Coupons can be extended for travel for up to one year for additional charges..

Royal Nepal Air Pass

Royal Nepal Airways:  offers a pass in conjunction with international fares but it is not much of a bargain.  Twenty percent off of domestic flights is allowed. Better fares can usually found with discount airlines in Nepal.  Use airline search to discover discount airlines.

Emirates Arabian Pass


Emirates Arabian Pass: Not exactly Asia but for those continuing to the Middle East some outstanding values are offered by this pass. Service to some Asian destinations available with this program but coverage is limited.


Discount Airlines


Discount Airlines: Airfares in Asia have recently become less regulated and some upstart airlines are now offering very competitive fares in this region. Some of the fares offered are a better value than the Air passes listed above.  To see what airlines are offering specials use discount airline locator at link above.


Circle Fares

A host of new Circle Asia fares have recently been added. Please see the Circle fares section for information on Circle Asia fares.

Circle Pacific fares offer some interesting alternatives when combining Asia and the South Pacific and North America in one itinerary

Around the World Fares

Several Around the World fares offer extensive travel opportunities in this region. These fares are discussed in detail at the above link. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to use the programs.



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