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Regional airfares are priced on a two tier structure for locals and foreigners in many African nations; unfortunately foreign nationals pay the highest fares. Africa is home to some of the most expensive airfares per mile on the planet, regrettably we only know of a  few air passes in this region.


Two Around the World Fares and a new Circle Africa Fare, allowing extensive travel on the continent with travel permitted  to originate in another region are included at the bottom of this page for additional consideration.


Star Alliance™ African Airpass

17 countries, 25 destinations, 1 ticket.

With a Star Alliance™ African Airpass, you can choose from 25 airport destinations across Sub-Saharan Africa and take between four and ten flights. It’s the perfect way to discover the diversity that this fascinating continent has to offer – seeing more than the average tourist, while paying much less than the average fare.

There’s so much to experience in Africa, whether it’s the beauty of the landscapes, bustle of the cities, the animals of the savannah, game park or forest, or the myriad of cultures.

One day you could be on the shores of Lake Malawi or the famous beaches of South Africa, Mauritius or Kenya, the next experiencing the wonders of Victoria Falls, discovering ancient rock paintings, or enjoying the latest sounds in downtown Lagos, Johannesburg or Maputo. The choice is yours.

The choice is yours.

You can buy as few as four and as many as ten coupons, with each coupon varying in price, yet still costing much less than the regular fares.

Here’s a sample itinerary:

Itinerary:                          Price in US$ 
Johannesburg – Nairobi               272
Nairobi – Johannesburg               272
Johannesburg – Windhoek           110
Windhoek – Johannesburg           110
Johannesburg – Durban                 47
Durban – Cape Town                   116
Cape Town – Johannesburg         119 
In the above example, you would require seven coupons. This would cost US$1046 plus fees, taxes and surcharges.

How it works

You’ll find there’s a great deal of flexibility with the Star Alliance African Airpass, but please be sure you read the conditions below before booking: 

• The Airpass is available in Economy Class only.
• The Airpass is available for travel within Africa only
• The Airpass is valid for travel from 10th April 2006.
• The Airpass is available to non-African residents.
• The Airpass is only available in conjunction with an intercontinental ticket  to/from  Africa on a Star Alliance member airline.
• All flights taken with your Star Alliance African Airpass will be with South African  Airways.
• Eligible flights taken with your Star Alliance African Airpass will earn miles  towards your nominated Star Alliance frequent flyer program – so you can earn  status much quicker.
• You must confirm your first coupon at the time of purchase.  All other coupons can  be booked at any time subject to availability.
• Travel must be completed within 60 days.
• A minimum of 4 coupons must be purchased.  Additional coupons up to a maximum of 10  may be purchased in any of the participating countries.
• You cannot take a flight between the same destinations in the same direction more  than once.
• The Airpass also offers a lot of flexibility, in that you can change dates/times  free of charge provided that tickets are not re-issued.  However, if you wish to  change destinations you will be required to pay a small charge.
• Other terms and conditions apply. Please contact your Star Alliance member airline  or travel agent for details.

Where can I go?

The Star Alliance African Airpass covers 25 destinations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, giving you plenty of choice when planning your itinerary. All flights are with South African Airways, Africa’s largest carrier.

Ghana: Accra • Cote D'ivoire: Abidjan • Malawi: Blantyre, Lilongwe • Senegal: Dakar• United Republic of Tanzania: Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar • Kenya: Nairobi • Uganda: Entebbe • Nigeria: Lagos • Angola: Luanda • Zimbabwe: Harare, Victoria Falls • Zambia: Livingstone, Lusaka • Mauritius: Port Louis • Mozambique: Maputo • Namibia: Windhoek • Rwanda: Kigali • Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kinshasa • South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth

For further information, please visit

One World Africa Pass


The One World Africa Pass allows travel on  the route network of British Airways and its subsidiaries. Other One World partners participate in this program but have limited or no routings in Africa.

One World also offers the Circle Africa program which is detailed at the bottom of this page.


Indian Ocean Pass

The Indian Ocean Pass, offered by three African Island airlines:  Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles and Air Austral concentrates travel between and within the island nations off the coast of eastern Africa.  This pass does allow travel to limited countries in Africa including, Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa for some very reasonable fares..

Air Namibia


Air Namibia offers a pass in conjunction with its international flights to Namibia from London and Frankfurt.  You must purchase a minimum of two coupons, and they are priced between 75 and 150 dollars each depending on the destination.  If you are utilizing Air Namibia as your international carrier, this may be a airpass to consider.  Air Namibia does not discuss this on primary web page, information only available by contacting airline.

TACV Airways


TACV the airline of the Cabo Verde Islands offers this pass to visit this multi island nations primary destinations.


Emirates Arabian Air Pass


Emirates Arabian Pass:  Not exactly Africa but for those continuing to the Middle East some outstanding values are offered by this pass. Cairo is included.


Discount Airlines

Discount Airlines: The low-fare carrier revolution is beginning to take hold in Africa, and a few discount airlines have emerged recently. To see which cities or countries are served please use above link.

One World Circle Trip


One World Circle trip: while not exactly an air pass this is an interesting program that allows travel from Europe, Asia or Australia to and extensive array of destinations on the African Continent. Travel is primarily on  the route network of British Airways and its subsidiaries in Africa but most of the One world partners can provide travel to the continent.


Around the World Fares


Several Around the World fares offer extensive travel opportunities in this region. These fares are discussed in detail at the above link. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to use these programs.


Northwest-KLM Around the World Partnership: is considered by many, the best, and least expensive alternative for anyone interested in extensive travel too and thru Africa. The real advantage of this fare is, you may utilize two African based airlines for internal transportation.  South Africa Airlines and Kenya Airlines are part of this group and have extensive route networks throughout the continent.



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