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Many airlines and alliances, offer Airpass programs to visit multiple cities at extremely reasonable rates in different parts of the world. The links at left of this page direct you to current information regarding Airline Air Pass programs sorted by region.


Airpass programs, usually offer a substantial savings over more conventional airfares but carry many restrictions. Most programs offer greater flexibility than discount fares however, and allow for changes or cancellations with limited or on some occasions no penalties.


Warning: Air passes are promotional programs and are seldom available to the residents of the locality in which they are issued. If you are a resident of the region in which an Air Pass has service, you will probably not qualify for the program. Some exceptions exist and they are discussed at the regional links above.


How to Purchase


This is the most common question we receive and the most complex to answer. If you plan on using one of the programs listed, the most important factor to consider is research the fare extensively. Call the airline offering the pass and get the details. If you get an agent unfamiliar with airpass programs or a rep who tells you the program is no longer available, call back and speak with a different person. A list of airline toll free numbers is supplied at this link or you may search other contact information at the airpass data search.

Usually these tickets must be purchased before leaving your home country, in conjunction with an international flight. Some passes require the international segment be on a  particular airline, some charge more if you don't use the associated airline, and some passes have no airline specific requirements.

To avoid confusion, it is always best to purchase both the international ticket and the air-pass at the same time. Air Pass programs are some of the best bargains in the travel industry, combining an international ticket with an airpass you may be able to save a great deal of money while visiting some exotic destinations.

These are rather complex bookings and it may be best and less time consuming to have a travel agent take care of the booking. We at Airtimetable do not book any travel, we will try to answer your email but we can not provide bookings.


If you do discover a pass listed at this site which is no longer available please send us an email and we will make the proper adjustments.


Discount Airlines


Discount Airlines: The discount airline revolution has taken a firm grasp, and many low cost airlines now offer more competitive fares than some air pass programs.  Before purchasing an air pass consider the fares offered by discount carriers.  They may not offer all the perks but many times the airfares are incredible bargains. 


Unfortunately most of the low fare airline fares do not appear in conventional searches and you must utilize the discount airline site to make reservations. We have configured a list of these airlines and the cities they server at the above link. You may see if the cities you are considering are serviced by one of these airlines by using the discount search link above.



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