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Europe may not have invented the discount airline but they certainly have embraced them. Fares within the continent are some of the lowest per mile fares anywhere on the planet. With over one hundred airlines offering service within the region the competition has made travel extremely inexpensive.


Several strategies which can save a significant amount of money for travel to and thru Europe are discussed at the links below:.

  • Internet Sale Fares: follow this link to sale fares of some European airlines

  • Low fare Airlines: use our low fare airline locator to see which discount airlines service your destination

  • Consolidators Several consolidators offer some bargains to Asian destinations.

  • Airport Web Sites: Many times the airport you are traveling to will provide valuable money saving advise.

  • Seasonal Fares Save by knowing when the fares go up, leaving a day earlier could save a great deal.

  • Back to Back Ticketing  discover how to buy two tickets for less than one and see even more of Asia.

  • Onward Travel  Visit a city beyond your intended destination and save money.

  • Children and Senior Fares Which airlines offer discounts and how much.

  • Student Fares: Several companies offer programs for students, teachers and some youths.

  • Auction Sites Several auctions sites have begun selling tickets offering tremendous savings

  • Air Courier Tickets are briefly discussed both the pros and the cons of this travel.

  • Packaged Deals  sometimes offer better prices than the airline ticket alone.

  • Air Passes This region offers many air pass programs with great values being extended.

  • Around the World Fares The dream of many may cost far less than you imagined.

  • Last Minute Bookings strategies for finding the lowest fare when you must depart quickly.

  • Travel Agents still offer a valuable service and if you are not satisfied talk to one, many time they can help.

Europe Low-Fare Airlines


No place on earth do more discount airlines exist than the European continent. It is difficult to imagine a city that is not served by at least one low fare airline. Many of these airlines offer fares so low they are not noted in standard internet search engines but one site Mobissimo Travel is far superior to the others for displaying discount airlines in Europe. To see even more cities served by discount carriers please use our Lowfare Airline Locator.


Internet Sale Fares

Many major airlines offer promotional fares at their websites; and they rarely share these fares with the search engines listed above. The airlines sell  tickets directly to the public; called by a variety of names, the unpublished fares are many times the lowest airfares available.  Four web sites with consistently low fares to Europe are: Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Singapore Air, and American Airlines.

Unsure which airline services your destination please use our timetable search page which also provides direct links to all the airlines. You may also display a list of each countries airlines by highlighting the country name in the drop down menu of this sites airline search page. This feature will view each airlines web site, route network and the promotional fares currently offered from the airlines.   Smarter Living is a great site that lists last minute deals from the major carriers each week.

Airport Web Sites

World Airport Locator Tool: Airports offer advise to travelers that can save a great deal of money.  Many have begun offering discount airline sections and most will provide information as to which airline service a particular city.  Sometimes a lesser known airport in a city may be serviced by smaller discount airlines unknown to most airports.  The link at the top of this section will investigate all the airports of a particular city or country.



Travel agencies sometimes known as "bucket shops" or "consolidators" frequently buy tickets in volume from airlines they have a relationship with. These tickets are sold at a significant discount and can save the consumer a great deal of money over normal fares. A few companies have begun selling tickets over the internet and many times the fares they offer are even lower than some Fare Sales.

Economy Travel is our favorite company for discount airline tickets to Europe but three other companies to consider are Cheap Tickets,  Discountfares, and  One Travels White Label offerings.


Seasonal Fares


International travel to Europe can be a bargain most of the year but for summer travel can be one of the most expensive tickets available. The summer season starts on different dates for each airline and some do not start summer surcharges until July 1st. Sometimes booking on June 30th can save a half the cost of booking on the following day.

Back to Back Ticketing


This strategy is best implemented for fares originating outside of  Europe.  Back to Back ticketing works especially well for flights originating in North America and Asia. 


By combining an international ticket with a discount European Airline ticket you may be able to save a great deal of money. Recently the lowest round trip airfare from New York to Rome was $699.  At the same time it was possible to purchase a RT ticket from New York to Dublin, Ireland for $349 and a RT ticket from Dublin to Rome for less than $100 on a discount airline. Not only a savings of $250 but also allowed the traveler the flexibility to visit Ireland.


Be careful to allow plenty of time for connections. In most cases if you miss a connecting flight you will be held responsible for the missed connection and this could seriously impact your vacation plans. If you do not have a great deal of time for the connection, consider spending at least one night in the connecting city.


Onward Travel

Incredibly sometimes flying a longer distance, costs less! A recent example: A friend was flying to London and discovered sale fares to Frankfurt offering a fare two hundred dollars less than the least expensive fare to London, when British Airways matched the fare they allowed a free stop-over in London on the way to Frankfurt for the same price. Do not misunderstand, he still had to continue to Germany from London, and depart from Germany. However he was able to save money and see more of Europe while still going to his primary destination.  

Depending on the time of year, many different itineraries may be constructed in this manner.  Certainly it is worth investigating; many times two cities you wish to visit can be incorporated in the same trip and actually save money.

Travelocity offers a list of fares on its site using the Airline Fare list in the flights section.  These are very complicated fares to book and you may spend a great deal of time with the airline representative.  Travel agents will do the work for you but they receive no commission on these fares and will charge you a substantial fee  Certainly it is worth investigating; many times two cities you wish to visit can be incorporated in the same trip and save money. 

Children and Senior Fares


Many European airlines offer discounts ranging from 20% to 33% for children fares originating in Europe. Family fares and the age restrictions for acquiring these fares fluctuate in the region and you are best served by checking with each  airline directly. 

Seniors generally receive a ten percent discount on the base fare but this fare may offer no savings or actually cost more than some sale fares..  Use our toll free telephone link for airline numbers. A great source of travel for Senior is Smarter Living's FREE monthly Senior Traveler Newsletter; Sign up and receive timely travel discounts.

Student Fares


Europe may offer more bargains to students than any other region, many airlines have special fares for youths under the age of 26.. Many independent consolidators cater to youth, students and even some allow fares to be purchased by teachers. STA Travel is a pioneer and the leading provider of these fares. The fares while somewhat competitive in off seasons can offer substantial savings for travel in Summer and other peak travel times.  Travelocity has a section dedicated to these fares and ISE Cards also has some great offerings in the Student flight section of the web page.


Find money-saving discounts just for students from spring break trips to weekend getaways, in Smarter Living's monthly Student Traveler Newsletter! Click here to subscribe for FREE.


Auction Sites is a great site and many times offer airline and packaged deals for travel to a few African destinations. This site has offered some tremendous savings on Safari Packages as well as South African Airline tickets, and should be investigated by anyone seriously interested in less expensive travel to Africa.  

Priceline has long engineered extensive consumer savings, but you must first be aware of what  price to offer.  If you have tried all the methods above and are still not satisfied with the lowest price you received, you may submit a bid to Priceline.

You could try a bid as low as twenty-five percent below the lowest price you are aware of, but seldom are these bids accepted.  We have seen bids ten percent below the lowest price accepted, and it is worth a try. A great site for trying to determine what your bid should be is Bidding for travel, where information about recently accepted bids is available

E bay has expanded its travel section recently and sometimes offers outstanding values although we have not seen many offers for travel to Africa.

The above sites are auction sites and your bid is binding, you will be required to pay the charges once the bid is accepted.  Make certain you know how much the airline tickets are worth before you bid at the above sites.  Remember your bid is not an inquiry like the other sites mentioned above.  Your bid  is a binding contract to purchase the tickets!


Air Courier Tickets


These flights are extremely restricted but if you can actually meet all the requirements,  they are some of the least expensive tickets available.  You will be expected to give up most of your luggage space in return for this low cost ticket.  Usually you will have to join an organization that will provide you with availability information. Please make yourself aware of all the restrictions before purchasing a ticket this way. A search of the words air courier will display many organizations that offer this fare.  Many people have reported problems with this type of travel and a thorough investigation of the company should be conducted.


Packaged Deals


Many times packaged deals, a combination of hotel, car rental and airfare are less expensive than the airfare alone. Surprisingly some Safari packages are  less expensive than just the airfare. InfoHub  supplies a variety of bargain packages and more appear in the Travel Deals section of this web site.

Many of us shy away from packaged vacations because we feel the tours are heavily restricted. Most of the tours do not limit the length of the stay to just the number of nights proposed by the package.  In most cases you may be able to stay longer for no additional costs. Many times the restrictions on air travel for packaged tours are less than discount airfares.


Air Passes


Air passes are prevalent in this region and offer spectacular money saving opportunities. We have dedicate an entire page to the fares: please use the Europe Air Pass link for more details.


Around the World Fares

Around the World tickets are priced at very low rates in this region for residents of Europe, but which country to begin travel can make a significant impact on the price. When booking one of these fares consider starting journey in one of the former Eastern block countries. The fares require travel across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Traveling in Business or First class, these tickets many times offer great values to everyone.  Many different "Around the World" fares exist and are discussed in great detail at the link listed above. These fares offer a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to visit an extensive array of destinations.

Travel Agents


Talk to a travel agent, many of them are well informed and may have special knowledge of some consolidator fares not listed here. Unfortunately the airlines have cut commissions on airfares to such modest levels that most travel agents no longer wish to book agendas for air travel only. Most travel agents may not even be able to find a fare as low as the one you have been quoted. 

If you tell the agent, you have already performed an exhaustive Internet search; they may not be very interested in helping. Almost certainly additional fees will be added to any ticket price.


Last Minute Bookings

The fares from Hotwire offer outstanding value and should be considered if you must commence travel within a few days.  Usually this site will not allow bookings within three days for international travel. Smarter Living  posts the internet travel deals offered by the major U.S. and a few international airlines each week and some outstanding values can be found to many Asian destinations.  Most of these fares require travel be started within a two week time period.

If you have encountered an emergency and need to travel quickly please use Emergency Travel link.

Travel Within Europe

Domestic travel within Europe can offer some of the best bargains available anywhere on the planet.  Most of these airfares can be booked at the internet site of the airline and an E-ticket, confirmed within seconds of booking. A new discount airline seems to emerge each week on the continent, but be careful because an equal number of low fare airlines discontinue service.

You should be aware the discount airlines many times unintentionally mislead travelers, by using secondary airports in major cities. A secondary airport is an airport on the outskirts of a city and discount airlines use them because the landing fees are lower but them do not always make clear what airport they will be using. When booking with a European discount carrier it is vital to determine exactly what airport you will be departing from and landing at.



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