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Round the World Airfares are programs offered by airlines and travel professionals allowing travelers to circle the globe for much less money than buying a series of one way tickets. Many times an Around the World ticket, especially in Business and First Class may cost less, than a round trip ticket to the more remote regions of the world.

Several different plans exist for these fares, we have divided them into five basic categories: Alliance Fares, Discounted Fares, Airline Directional Fares, Airline Mileage Fares and Circle Fares


Each fare type has significant advantages and disadvantages which are discussed below. A brief intro to each fare follows and by using the links on left or at the top of this page, you may access in depth descriptions of the major programs and associated costs.


Alliance Fares


The recent mega alliances, formed by some of the worlds largest airlines has created some original around the world fares. More commonly referred to as alliance fares these tickets allow travel on the entire route structure of all the airlines in an alliance. The flights can be in coach, business or first class. Some alliances and subsidiary participating carriers have more than twenty airlines whose route network you may choose from.   

The fares are offered in a number of ways, and the number of destinations serviced is incredible  You may accumulate frequent flyer and other perks. Use the links above for One World, Star Alliance, Skyteam, and World Traveler to find a wealth of information about these fares.

Discount RTW Fares


Discount RTW fares, are usually the least expensive alternative for Around the World travel. Basically they are a series of one way tickets using a variety of airlines put together by a ticket broker who is in the position to negotiate very low fares from the airlines.


Airline Directional Fares


One directional fares are the oldest of the Around the World programs. By combining the route structure of two airlines these routings allow travel to multiple destinations, virtually anywhere on the earth, in coach, business or first class.  

The major restriction of this fare is travel must always be in the same direction around the globe, and very little or no backtracking is allowed. These fares generally offer a price advantage over other Around the World fares, and are used frequently by business travelers.


Airline Mileage Fares


Mileage fares are created when several airlines in partnership, permit travel on the entire route network of the participating airlines. They do not have the limitation of directional fares and the only significant limitation is the total number of miles flown.

Circle  Fares


Circle airfares allow travel around the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The programs permit travelers to transverse a particular region of the world while maintaining a circular direction.

These fares are available to residents of most countries and do not have the regional restrictions of Circle Pacific fares.

 How to Book


The first step begins with choosing the program and the links at the top of this page supply a wealth of information about each fare and the costs. Any program you decide should allow you to travel where you want to go, in the class of service you prefer, for a price you can afford. Some of the advertisers in this section offer even more information and very low fare programs. Each program has individual booking requirements and particulars for booking are spelled out in the above links.


 Class of Service

An important consideration is the class of service you wish to travel.  Many of the flights in an Around the World or Circle itinerary are very long and careful attention to the class of service, should be given. The upper class fares in most cases allow access to the club lounge where drinks and food are usually complimentary. Certainly the space and comfort of upper class seats on international flights will allow you to arrive at your destination more refreshed. Many airlines now offer seats in business and first class that fully recline into beds. 

The Business and First Class tickets offered on some of these routing are outstanding values. If this is a once in a lifetime trip "Around the World", the extra comfort provided by these classes may be well worth the additional expense. You will actually look forward to the next flight instead of dreading the next ten hours in cramped quarters.



Around the world airfares are probably less expensive than you imagine. Many of us have entertained the dream of flying "Around the World", unfortunately most of us, much too quickly dismiss the idea. Too few realize the trip is not impossible, and make the fantasy a reality. 

Those of you who have other questions about making an around the world journey come true; the "Round-The-World Travel Guide" is a great site and will answer the most common questions.



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